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Flute repair & restoration at exceptional quality. That’s my trade.
Equipped with 20 years of serving professional flutists, with skills that exceed that of most flute manufacturers' technicians and experienced with all aspects of flute making as a Senior Manager/Tester/Trainer at the world's finest flute maker, I offer flute repair & restoration work of outstanding quality for flutists who can tell the difference.

If you are shopping for the lowest rates, thanks for looking but you might want to look elsewhere. While my rates are reasonable and are competitive with those of other matched services, they are not my selling point.

If you can tell the difference between "very good" and "excellent", demand from your flute the same level of performance as your orchestra director demands from you, are a professional flautist or wish to become one, then please browse on for information about my work, my credentials and myself.

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